Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Year in Review

So we're a few days into 2012. So far, so good. But, I wanted to take the time to reflect on 2011.

2011 was a pretty good year! The year started off with me turning 32 in January. Not a bad age. I celebrated by having a handful of friends gather at my house for a night of good companionship and some fun Wii time.

In March, Jason turned 34. Thanks to Groupon (seriously - I HEART Groupon), I was able to buy him The Perfect Present - getting to drive a Nascar car at the Charlotte Motor Speedway (through the Nascar Driving Experience).

In 2010, Jason and I got into running 5k races. My time is slow, but fairly steady. This year, Jason got it in his head to do a 1/2 marathon. Not wanting to be left behind, and with the encouragement from my friends, I decided I could do it too. On December 3rd, Jason and I did it! We did the Mistletoe Run Half Marathon. What an accomplishment. I am so proud of Jason (although not surprised that he did it because that man is a machine) and myself.

Also in December, Jason got his first tattoo!! Talk about a shock. I have three and have often asked Jason if he would ever get one. He always seemed... while not against it (obviously), just not totally for himself getting one. In late December (after deciding in November that he was going to do it and "shopping around" to find the right artist), he went to get it done. He's not finishedyet. He has to go back, probably next week, to get this one finished. But, the man has already plotted out future tattoos!

The biggest thing to happen in 2011 is that Jason and I hit our 10 year wedding anniversary (14 years total)! To celebrate, Jason surprised me with an overnight stay in Savannah, Ga, where we did a ghost tour and stayed on River Street. What a beautiful city! It was a shame we couldn't stay longer... but the surprise continued south with a trip to Disney World. We had gone there for our honeymoon and we were reliving that period - we stayed in the same resort we stayed for our honeymoon. We had been back to Disney two times between our honeymoon and this milestone, but we always have a great time when we go, so it was perfect.

So, now, I'm a few days into 2012 and am excited about what this year is going to bring! I'm hoping to grow as a person (isn't that cliched??), lose that damn 40lbs that is bogging me down, and just keep on keepin' on.

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