Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Random Saturday.

Yesterday was just an all around weird day.

It started off with Jason and me getting up around 8:40-9:00am. We had meant to get up around 8:15-8:30am because we were heading to Charlotte for a full day. Yes, I know we didn't get up horribly later than we were planning, but for some reason it threw the day off for me. Actually, what threw the day off for me was that I woke up in a funk. I was just in a bad mood. No rhyme or reason, just ill. As Jason and I headed to Charlotte, my mood got better. That is, until we got to our first adventure...

We had gotten discount tickets off of Living Social for the mummy exhibit that is currently at Discovery Place. We got there, got into the exhibit... and quickly questioned the sanity of some people. Quite a few people there had their children. That was fine and dandy, kids should be cultured to this kind of exhibit. But, quite a few of those kids showed off his or her lung power. At one point I was pretty sure both of my ear drums had been ruptured thanks to Screaming Babies in Surround Sound. Hey, maybe Junior was trying to wake the dead??? What about mom and dad who have become selectively deaf to that noise. Really? You don't hear that coming from 2 feet away from you? That's strange, because I hear it loud and clear and I'm on the other side of the bleeping room. Oh and by the way, do ya really think Timmy should be knocking on the case enclosing the mummy? I was kidding earlier about him trying to wake the dead, but I see that maybe the joke's on me.

After that, we headed to eat. Nothing exciting happened there, thank God. After some good eats, we headed to adventure #2 - Ikea. For those of you who have never been there, congrats for being strong. For those of you who have been to one (and I'm assuming they are all the same), holy mother of goats, what is wrong with us? Yes, I am in love with it... yet the place scares me just a bit. How can it not? The sheer size, the amazing products that you suddenly realize you have to have (why yes, I do need that funky chandelier thingy that looks like a cream puff), everything combines to make it one awesomely frightening place. Hell, the first time Jason and I ever went there (in 2009), Jason kept thinking that if we wanted to leave and come back in the same day, we'd have to get our hand stamped. I had to keep reminding him that this was NOT an amusement park, although I understood why he thought that. By the way - you do no want to know how long we were there on that first visit. Let's just say, I was expecting to get a paycheck. I actually wrote a little piece about that visit that I posted on Facebook. I'll have to dig it out and repost it here. Anyway, I digress...

We had gone to Ikea with a small shopping list. We wanted to get a mirror for our bedroom and some shelves for our bathroom. We didn't get either of those things.... but we still spent $70+. Remember how I said they had AH-MAY-ZING products that you didn't know you needed until you saw them? You thought I was kidding, huh? Negative. I'm still (over 24 hours later) in a state of shock and not really sure what the hell we came home with. But I know whatever we got, it's all awesome.

After that, we came home to rest and enjoy the rest of our evening on the couch. Yeeeaaaah, I should've known better. We decided at 10:40pm to head to one of our local Walmarts. We thought (brilliantly, snort) to go ahead and get our weekend grocery shopping trip out of the way so that on Sunday we wouldn't have to leave the house at all. First of all, remember I said we headed to Walmart. Jason and I avoid that store like the plague. Yes, prices are unbelievably cheap... but so are most of the people who shop there. Unfortunately, I became one of those people last night. I have never been prouder of myself (snort). If you've ever been to this wonderland late at night, you know this is "shelf stocking time". We randomly found a still wrapped pallet of a bunch of cereals that intrigued me. Flavor of Cheerios that I've never seen before - Dulce de Leche and Peanut Butter - and Frosted Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I excitedly told Jason to make a note of these cereals for when we got to the actual cereal aisle. But, when we got to the cereal aisle, those aforementioned boxes of happiness were not on the shelves. Whaaa? Don't tease me like this. I blankly looked at Jason and sputtered "should I just go rip into the pallet and make myself at home? I want at least one if not all three of those cereals, damn it." Jason studies my face for a minute, trying to gauge the crazy level. Should he try to talk some sense into me or should he help me rip into a pallet like the wild beast that I'm threatening to be? I figured since this wasn't Thanksgiving night/Black Friday I wouldn't get tased for ripping into the pallet and I really wanted to try the Peanut Butter Cherrios. So, I took my chances and went for it. Thankfully no alarms sounded, no Ninja employee sprang from hiding to attack me. I was home free with my new cereal and my newfound pride that I had sunk to some all time low.

Yeah, yesterday was just a weird day.


  1. Very nice account of our Saturday but I can't believe you only gave Taco Mac's freaking gigantic order of nachos that almost killed you a single line. Really... really.... really.... really. WHAT? (OK I'll stop but only because I thonor you know where that is from)

  2. I apologize... I should've said more about those delicious nachos. I wanna go back to Taco Mac and, this time, I'll bring home a doggy bag.