Monday, January 23, 2012

Everyday I'm writ-en-ing...

Ok, so that didn't have the same cool flow that the line "everyday I'm shuffling" does, but I do what I gotta do. Right? I must say that I'm glad to know hubby is able to overlook (or put up with, whatever) my weirdness. Take tonight for instance...

We elected to skip the gym because we like to be chunky monkeys. Ok, no, that's not true - we are chunky, but we don't like it. Anyhoo - we decided to skip the gym to work on cleaning our house. I seriously don't understand how in the course of a week our house gets so destroyed. Oh, wait, it's because we're lazy and we have a bleeping plethora of animals. Got it. Since we like our down time - a lot - we decided to break the house cleaning up over the course of this week. As I mentioned in a previous post, we're having house guests coming to spend Saturday night with us, so we've got this entire week to clean... and keep things that way. Good luck to us.

Jason came home with a to-do list. "Here's what we're getting done tonight," he states while giving me The Look - the one that says I hope you're paying attention. Snort. I DID do some work. Just not the amount that he did. Correction - is still doing. Doesn't he know he's making me look bad as he folds those sheets? (In my defense, I am seriously incompetent when it comes to folding sheets...and towels... and clothes). Also, I didn't do one bit of work that he had written on his to-do list. I guess I clean to the beat of a different drummer (HA! I am soooo witty).

My two favorite parts of tonight's cleaning process were these:
1. My birthday was last week and my friend Melissa had bought me one of those pointy party hats.... Hello Kitty of course. I randomly put that on as I (half-heartedly) helped Jason change the sheets on our bed. Jason did do a small double take when he realized what I was wearing. But, other than that minuscule head shake, he didn't miss a beat. He's a little too used to my strange ways.
2. We lost Simon (our cat). I searched all over the house, more than once. I even checked the dryer. Jason randomly suggested that I look under our bed. Huh? Our bed is off the floor, but not THAT high. There's no way he could've gotten under there. But, fine I'll look just to look. How surprised was I to find my cat looking back at me from under the bed? What the crap? I wanted to see if he was really stuck under there, so I got a bag of treats (Temptations, his fav) and shook them. Nope, he wasn't coming out even though he was trying, damn it. He was trying. He even, in a last ditch effort, stuck his little paw out under as if begging that I
put some treats in his paw. We figure he snuck under the bed when Jason lifted the mattress at one point (we don't have a box spring. Underneath our mattress are wood slats that have enough space between each slat for a slinky cat. Here's a picture of our bed pilfered straight from the Ashley Furniture website...

I can't wait to see how much we... er, I mean, I have tomorrow night as we clean more of our house.


  1. Well, let me just say, thanks for the entertainment you provided. And while yes, you really didn't do anything on my lists, yes lists, you did make your own lists for what we were to do tonight (Tuesday) but if i remember right, I don't think we have accomplished any of those either.

    OH and thanks for the assist with the drill in putting the sheetrock plug in the wall above the sink. Love you boo!!

  2. Aren't you proud of me for making a list of real things that needed to be done... although I didn't follow said list.

    As for the drilling - I feel like such a bad ass. I used a big boy power tool! Love you, baby!

  3. Hahaha! I have more of those Hello Kitty pointy hats. I will be randomly bestowing them on you throughout the year. They sound like they're perfect to houseclean in.

    1. Hellz yeah!!! Everyday I will come to work expectantly, wondering if today's the day I'll get another hat. If I have to wait too long for another hat, I'll just wear the one you did give me. Because I still have it. (Like I'm getting rid of it? Please, it's Hello Kitty.)