Friday, January 13, 2012

What have I done...???

I am a semi-athletic person. I used to do cardio kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. Now, I go to the YMCA regularly to do many types of classes and I work out at home. A couple of years ago I got into doing 5Ks. I do a walk/jog combo to get me from the start line to the finish line. My time is not all that fast and that doesn't bother me (I'd like to get quicker, but I'm not too concerned with it). If you ask me if I'm a runner my answer is a hard and fast "NO! I don't like running. I am sooo not a runner." In my head runners are hard core sickos that I envy. Me - I'm a chunky little Sushi roll waddling down the road.

In December 2011, Jason and I did our first 1/2 marathon. We had decided that we wanted to push ourselves and just do it. Somewhere in the middle of the race my left ankle gave on me. I didn't sprain it... I guess it was just really strained. All I know is that it hurt like hell and I couldn't walk for about 2 days after the race. During and after the race I proclaimed loud and clear that I was never doing another 1/2 marathon. EVER. I had proved to myself that I could do it, so I didn't need to that again. I was comfortable with just doing 5Ks, thank you very much.

But, then we heard about one that'll be held on March 25. It's at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I wasn't really interested in doing this race (need I remind you AND myself about my declaration??)... until I saw the medal. Holy mother of all that is good and holy, the medal is a work of art. It has lights and moving parts on it. In other words "Oooo, shiny." I want it. I want it bad. So, yeah, guess what I just did. I signed up for another 1/2 marathon.

Just to get a medal.


  1. Say what you will you know you're living the dream and loving it. You just want to talk smack to lazy people sitting on the couch that you will be lapping.

  2. Also, I really want that medal... :)

  3. the main thing i keep snorting about is the "chunky little sushi roll" comment... very Lancaster :-)

  4. Haha! When that line popped in my head, I immediately fell in love with it and knew the world needed to read it. I snorted as I typed it.