Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Check out my stems

If you've read my past posts, then you know that I like trying different procedures in the hopes of bettering myself.

My latest thing is Sclerotherapy. What the hell is that? It's a treatment for spider veins. For years, I've had those veins running up the back of my legs, making me self conscious. And that sucks because I think my legs are one of my best features. From years of being fairly active (dance, Tae Kwon Do, now Crossfit and running) and of wearing high high heels, I have pretty nice calves. If I say so, myself. And I do.

My veins never stopped me from showing off my legs. But, I was always aware that those hideous blue tracks were there. Over the past few years, I've been looking into having some kind of vein removal treatment and started reading up on the procedures. I actually did contact a few places a couple of years ago, but some reason never followed through. But, I finally decided to go for it.

Earlier this year, I bought a voucher off of Groupon for some cellulite treatments (see, told ya I'm all about trying different procedures) and I liked the doctor's office. They offered vein removal, so during one of my cellulite treatments I talked to the doctor about treating my veins.

As I learned, I'd have to wear compression socks for awhile after my treatments, I thought I'd wait until the weather turned cold so that I could hide those socks under pants.  I'm so glad I waited. It turns out I have to wear thigh high "panty hose" because some the veins that I had treated were above  my knees, so calf high socks wouldn't work.

Wearing the "panty hose" wouldn't be so bad... if I were a delicate flower. But, I'm part ox or some other equally ungraceful beast. Within 24 hours of owning these damned things, I had runs and holes all over them. Sonofa.

Also, it wouldn't be so bad if the people who made these bleeping things understood height differences. The way you select which size you need (out of the standard small, medium, large, X large grouping) is by measuring different parts of your leg - ankle, calf, thigh. Then you read the handy little sizing chart on the packet. Where your measurements fall in that chart is the size you get. Now, please notice that HEIGHT is not one of the measurements.

Here's a picture on the box.
As always, sorry for the blurry picture.
Notice where the top of the stocking stops on the leggy model in this picture. I don't know how tall she is, but I'm 5'4" and the tops of the leggings basically comes up to my girl bits. Very comfortable. Hey. Assholes. I only needed thigh high. Not freaking armpit high. 

But, despite the joy of the compression hose, I am very happy with the results I'm already seeing from my vein treatments. Tomorrow will be one week since I had my first treatment. I go back on November 14th for a check-up and, if needed, to have some veins retreated (yes, it could take a few treatments). 

Now to start figuring out what my next "body project" will be...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm back... I hope.

I've missed this. Just sitting down, babbling on about something random about my life. Where have I been? Mainly training my ass off. This coming Sunday Jason and I will be running the Army Ten Miler. I'm so excited about that. This race starts and ends at the Pentagon. So I've stepped up my game and I've been training at Crossfit 3 days a week and trying to run 2 days a week (that latter bit didn't always happen). The other days were used to catch up on my reading (I get grumpy if I go too long without reading) and trying to clean my house.

But, as you saw my post's title - I hope I'm back. The reason I may not be back is because I'm obviously trying to kill myself... but not consciously. Let me explain.

Last night I decided to do the prepared adult thing and fix lunch for today. That way, I wouldn't be scrambling around in the morning. We had a package of sugar-cured ham in our fridge and I thought to myself, "A ham sammich sounds tasty." The ham was cut into long, wide strips and one piece would be too much for me. So I cut a bit off and made my sandwich.

Fast forward to today at lunch, I'm chowing down and trying to figure out what is up with this ham. It's tough and gummy. The flavor's ok, but not the greatest. As usual, I was eating lunch with Melissa and I actually apologized about my unladylike eating of my lunch. I made some offhand joke about me looking like a lion eating my prey.

Fast forward to my house, after work. I'm whining to Jason about the tough ham. He squints at me and says "how gummy was the ham?" I reply, "pretty damn gummy. It was kinda annoying to eat."

With that, he takes the package out of the fridge... only to find that the ham was uncooked. What the hell??? I just ate raw meat for lunch??? So, about that offhand joke I made. About the lion eating prey. Yeah, not so much a joke.

I immediately texted Melissa to tell her about my outstanding brilliance. Now she and Jason are making fun of me on Facebook. If you're friends with me there, feel free to join in the action. If we're not friends, and you wanna poke a little fun at me, send a request.

I sorta deserve it for being a dingbat.