Friday, January 27, 2012

I never learn

Dang it! Last night, Jason and I had a silly moment... Wait, rewind. I had a silly moment and Jason was, as usual, just putting up with me (as in, shaking his head and going about his business). I told myself to write down this funny moment so that I could capture the image of the situation and then turn it into my new blog post. Buuuut, I have such a short attention span. We were in the processing up putting on the final touches of our new bathroom light fixture (putting on the globes and screwing in the bulbs), by the time we finished all that, I forgot all about the silly moment.

So, I have got to learn to always keep a pen and paper nearby so I can capture hilarious moments like that one. Because I swear, I'm a funny person and I have a lot of funny moments. But I just can't remember them. Poop.

Here's a random one that happened to me just a couple of hour ago. I wanted to hit the Sirius XM channels on my Dish Network box. When I entered the channel number on my remote control, I missed a digit. The channel I was taken to was the Barbie channel... What? This really exists? Why????? I actually sat there for a bit, just taking this in. I was actually too shocked to change the channel. Finally I came to my senses and pushed in the correct numbers.

Seriously. The Barbie channel. Trust me, I can't make this stuff up.


  1. I have the same problem, so I got a phone with a voice recorder. Do you think I ever use it? Nooooope. Too scatterbrained for that nonsense.

  2. I'm not alone in the scatterbrained department??? Hell yeah! I've always carried a little notebook and pen in my purse, but only recently have I started using it randomly to jot down conversations and things I see in public. Also,I'm trying to remember to use that handy camera device on my phone to capture memorable things to add to my posts (ya know, proof... or blackmail).