Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sniffing paint fumes...

I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with hubby and me. 10+ years ago we bought our house and painted our master bathroom a pretty dusk-pink color. Fast forward to about 5 years later and we decided that the pink needed to go.

After much careful debate, we selected a pretty sea foam color. We had grandiose visions of doing a beach theme in the bathroom. We bought white rugs to represent the shore and we hung pictures of tropical locations. We were done, never painting this room again....

Fast forward again. Toward the end of 2011, we decided that the sea foam need to float away. The color was starting to make us gag a bit every time we walked into the room. We both agreed on the color blue. But what shade?? We brought home more swatches than I can count. We taped all of them to one of the bathroom walls and over the course of a few days, we slowly eliminated choices as we saw them in different lights. Finally, we chose a color: Blue Thistle - a pretty light blue with a grayish hue.

We decided that this coming weekend was THE weekend this bathroom was getting transformed again. We started the beginning process tonight of taking pretty much everything out the bathroom and cleaning the floors/walls/etc. Tomorrow Jason is taking the day off work to begin The Task. We are determined to be finished with this whole project by Sunday.

Now you may be thinking, "if Jason starts painting tomorrow why shouldn't you be done by Sunday?" Weeeell, see, we tend to get side tracked when painting. First of all, I get bored and whiny somewhere in the process, so Jason has to continue without me (notice this time he's starting without me. Smart move.). Next, while waiting for a coat to dry, we start to watch TV... and we forget to stop. Eventually the bathroom (or whatever room we're painting) gets finished, it's just past our expected completion date.

So, keep your fingers crossed that we stick to the task this time. Or better yet, come over and grab a roller.


  1. You should post photos of the paint swatches taped up all over the bathroom! That sounds hilarious.

  2. Dang it! I think I deleted the pictures. I had taken some to text to a friend of mine. I do need to see about adding some pics to my blog like you did to yours!

  3. We'll just grab a bunch tomorrow and re-create it. Wait that sounds lime more work on top of finishing this glorious task. Allison you will just have to imagine it. Or you could wait another couple of years and we will go through this again. Oh dear god what am i thinking.