Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting the New Year Off....Wrong?

In just a few hours it will be 2012 - a new year, a time for me to get on the right track with my diet and exercise. But, that'll happen (hopefully) after one last bang.

Hubby and I will be doing a 5k at midnight. It's the Running of the Lights at Tanglewood. We brought in 2011 doing this race and wanted to bring in 2012 the same way. But, did I mention that we are so not prepared for this race?

No, this is not our first 5k. We've been running those for going on 2 years now. And this year we actually ran our first half marathon. But, basically since the beginning of December our workout regime went down the drain. Neither of us has really done much of anything. Jason's excuse was that he has been suffering with plantar fasciitis for many months, so after the half marathon he wanted to lay off of pretty much all training so he could heal that issue. My excuse was that work was kicking my butt, so I was missing classes at the YMCA by working late and then when I got home I was too pooped to work out. Yes, I'm aware that Jason's "excuse" was legitimate while mine was just that - an excuse. Oh, also, I've eaten nothing but crap all day today. Not one healthy morsel has gone into my mouth. Oh, wait, I lied - I have eaten one clementine and had some water. But that was somewhere between all the other greasy/heavy/nasty stuff I've eaten.

So, as I was saying, neither of us are prepared for what we're about to do. How do we plan to celebrate our finishing the race without throwing up? We're heading straight to IHOP to eat the oh-so-healthy (snort) food there. WTH? Our outlook on this is that we're doing one last (bad) hoorah before we get serious... Just pray for our poor chunky souls that we actually do find our way back to the gym and that we can stay away from the junk food waiting to ambush us at the grocery store.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Aaaaand... Take Two

Years ago, I tried starting a blog. I love to write and sometimes things happen in my life that I want to capture in a time capsule other than my memory.

But, my blog never went anywhere because of my self-confidence. Or lack of, actually. I would start thinking that I can't do a blog because my life really isn't that interesting, so where would I get fuel for said blog? But, sometimes my life really is that interesting... at least to me.

My husband often points out to me that I don't have to write every day. He's right. I don't. But, I'm scared that many months will go by between my postings, because... I'll be honest. I'm pretty damn lazy. Take for instance the quote and tradition journal my husband and I started in 2008. My husband and I have many inside jokes together. We have quite a few quips we zing back and forth that the general public wouldn't get. In 2008 we took an anniversary trip to Disney World. On that trip, we created so many more quotes and memories and I realized we should be capturing these moments. When we got home, we bought a notebook and proceeded to document those sayings and others that we commonly say. We also started putting down some of the traditions that we started - like when we paint, we always have to listen to the Shrek soundtrack. As I mentioned earlier, we started that journal in 2008. So, now - at the end of 2011 - we should have multiple journals filled, right? Right? Ummm, yeah, not so much. We haven't even really put a dent in this one. It's not because of lack of content. Oh no, we continually spout random things that crack us up and we immediately say "we need to put that in our notebook!!" But do we? Nope. I'm scared this blog will be the same way. Something I deem blog worthy will happen and I'll think "I need to get on the computer and jot that down!" and I won't.

But, ya know what... I don't think I care anymore. I'm going to start this thing and see what happens. Feel free to join me on this adventure.