Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's not you, it's me.

Awhile back I wrote a post about some facial treatments I was starting to do - microdermabrasion and chemical peels (if you missed it, you can catch up here).

The technician I'm going to is really nice.  I assume her prices are reasonable (at least she keeps telling me how her prices beat pretty much everyone else's in town). And I do enjoy the microdermabrasion treatments. I even got brave and decided to have a second chemical peel done (this second time was much better than the first).

But - ah yes, the almighty "but" - circumstances have changed. While I want to continue with these treatments, I'm not sure I want to continue with her. Honestly, I do want to stop for a bit because of financial reasons. Jason and I are trying to tighten our purse strings and take care of some credit card debt we have (anyone want to give us a random "Happy September" present of cold, hard cash?). So, we're trying to stop some frivolous spending.

Another reason I want to move on to bigger and brighter pastures is because my technician has screwed up my schedule. When I first starting going to her, she took appointments on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Perfect! After having these facial treatments done, you can't workout because the sweat getting into your pores will sting. Well, Thursdays were out for a possible appointment day because I do a Crossfit class on Thursdays. So, I was good with one of the other two days.

Now, she's opened a new salon in a town about an hour away (I think she lives somewhere between that city and this one). But, she says she has so many clients here in Winston-Salem that she can't, and won't, leave the salon I've been going to. So, she'll be here on Mondays and spend all her other days in that other city. Great. Except... I'm still taking one class at the YMCA and Monday's the night for that class. What the hell, woman?

So, my question is - how do I "break up" with her? Most of you are probably thinking, "what's the big deal." Just don't schedule a new appointment and ignore her calls. Eventually she'll get the picture and go away. Or, even better, be an adult and tell her the truth. Something along the lines of, "I really like you, but I need to see other facial people. It's not you, it's me. I just need someone who offers me more appointment options." But, I can't do that. I guess part of me is worried that I'll hurt her feelings or she'll think badly of me.

I actually did call her today to cancel my next appointment. Since this past Monday was Labor Day, the YMCA closed earlier and therefore my class was cancelled. My next facial appointment was scheduled for next Monday. When I called Face Lady I used that as my excuse - the," since I missed class this week due to Labor Day, I don't want to miss it next week" drivel. In my defense, that is the truth. I did tell her I wasn't ready to reschedule because I needed to figure out my Monday schedule, basically saying I need to figure out when I'm willing to skip my class.

Now most of you will probably say, just leave it at that. Don't call her back. But, let me redirect you to the last sentence a couple of paragraphs ago - I'm worried I'll hurt her feelings, etc. I know she's not going to be sitting by the phone, anxiously awaiting my call. But, what if she is???

Sigh. This is why I hate doing things like this -  facial appointments or hair appointments or other such type of repeating appointments that don't really have an actual ending. I never know how to gracefully bow out of those "relationships."