Sunday, March 25, 2012

I did it!

Today I survived my 2nd half marathon. And I swear, I'm not doing another one. I know, I know you're saying "Missy, I've heard this before." (If you haven't, you can change that here). But, this time I mean it... That is unless I become a real runner. Which I doubt will happen. These races just take so much out of me. And I have enough problems with my joints and what not from my hips down.

Today's half marathon was held in Concord at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. For all you NASCAR fans - yes I've gotten to run on your beloved racetrack (no, I'm not a fan myself).  The race started on the speedway, headed toward the dirt track (which we ran around), and then we got onto the dragway. The finish line was on Pit Row.

At the packet pickup event yesterday, I got this awesome shirt
I'm not that type of girl!
Here's what I brought home from the race today. I popped it to create this
It hurts to walk (and not just from the tender skin left behind from the blister)... so I'm trying to do that as little as possible. But, what makes all this torture worth it? This glorious thing:



  1. Wow, I was totally stunned by your accent. I'm such a huge racist. I was used to seeing your picture, and even though I knew you were from the south, I totally never expected it. I need to be slapped. On another note: Congratulations on running any part of a marathon. I would never even attempt that, so I'm impressed when someone does.

    1. Ok, I seriously burst out laughing at your comment, you racist bastard, you. Do I have a strong southern accent? What's funny is other southerners say I don't have an accent... although it does slip out sometimes. Especially on words like "down" or "dawn." You'd be amazed at how many syllables those words have coming out of my mouth. At least you didn't say you expected me to sound like Ching-a-ling (although I can do a great impression of mom, who is "straight off the boat" and still has a very strong Asian accent).

      Thanks, for the congrats. I've pretty much been sprawled on the couch ever since we got home.

  2. Haha Chris, I was going to write the same exact thing. I was stunned by the southern accent.

    Congrats on completing the half marathon. I used to do a ten-mile run on the beach here in Sea Isle, but that was back when I was in shape. So I have a lot of respect for distance runners and know that you definitely deserve that awesome medal.

    1. You and Chris are hilarious. You'd think you guys have never heard a southern accent before... And I swear, the accent you hear in that video is "calm" compared to some other southerners.

      Thanks for the congrats. You use to run on a beach? I've never done it, but I've heard from runners that running on a beach is a tough workout (I don't even like running on grass, even though I know it's better for your joints). So the fact that you would do 10 miles... sheesh. You beast!

  3. Haha! This is awesome! I am one of those people who doesn't think you have a southern accent, Missy! Which must mean my southern accent is even worse. haha! Y'all should hear Missy when she WANTS to have a southern accent, it's so good. Her Asian accent is my favorite. :)

    I know I've already told you this, but I am so stinking proud of you!! This is such a huge accomplishment, and you've done it TWICE. Totally marked off your bucket list :)

    1. Have I ever told you just how much I love you??? Thank you for being so proud of me. Yes, running a 1/2 marathon has been marked off of my bucket list so hard that the paper tore. Did you enjoy seeing the gaping hole on the bottom of my foot OVER A WEEK AFTER this bleeping race??? Hahaha!

      And maybe I'll have to post a video of me imitating my mom's voice...