Thursday, March 22, 2012

What did I learn today?

Today's lesson was: Ya can't trust a stripper. I'd like to thank Melissa for that line. But, yes, it's true - you really can't trust a stripper.

Today was one of our co-worker's last day. Lorrie is moving on to bigger and better things and she will be greatly missed. But, that's beside the point. This being her last week, a few of us decided to make this week a memorable one by pulling a prank on Lorrie every day.

Today's prank was having a stripper come to our office around 4:30pm. The mastermind behind this, Lora, handled finding a company and emailed said company to hire a stripper. Everything was sailing along until today.This morning, Lora got an email saying things didn't work out with our entertainment. He couldn't get off work... Yeah, we all learned that most strippers actually have day jobs. Huh. I guess stripping isn't as lucrative as I thought it was.

Anyway, all day Lora, Melissa, and I scrambled around trying to find a replacement. Would you believe it is actually hard finding a stripper??? What the hell???  TV makes this process look so easy.

We were desperate to find someone... so desperate we actually pondered hitting the streets to find a random hot guy that was looking to make some cash. We stopped ourselves (just barely) from doing that.

Another co-worker, Rhonda, started helping us. She actually got in touch with a company who said they did have a guy available and they would have someone contact us to get the nitty gritty details. This all went down around 11:00am. We thought we were set. The women in our office were all salivating and counting down the minutes until 4:30pm.

When 2:00pm rolled around and we still hadn't heard anything from the company, we got a little worried. Rhonda called them back and they said not to worry, all was good, we hadn't been contacted because things had been crazy with the company.

At 3:00pm we STILL hadn't heard anything, so Lora called to check up on things. We were told that if we hadn't heard anything by this point, then it was a sure bet that things weren't happening. When Lora sent the email to all the ladies (sans Lorrie since this was a surprise for her) saying the party was off, I swear I heard a collective cry of NOOOOO around the office.

Sadly 4:30pm came and went and we were stripperless. Yes, I admit, I had been holding my breath the whole time, hoping that the guy would come through for us.

So, say it with me boys and girls - ya can't trust a stripper. Sigh.


  1. I read this the other day to My fiance and her friend, AND THEY DISAGREE. They totally trust strippers.

    P.S. you should get your email system to only send out partials, because I read them all on there, and forget to come back and comment.

    1. Dang it. I guess it was just my friends and me who have a problem. Maybe we just were dealing with a bad batch of strippers.

      Thanks for the advice on the email system. I'll go play with that now and see if I can figure out how to do that... Wish me luck that I can do so. :)

  2. That partial email thing got me on here! haha! It was such a tease! I always LOVE reading your blogs, but I'm so bad about reading them in the email, and then forgetting to get on here and comment too. Problem solved :)

    And THANK YOU for capturing that day SO well! haha! That was definitely one of the best work days ever. It was just so much fun to see the whole office happy and excited and working together for a single cause. :p

    1. I have a fellow blogger to thank for suggesting the partial email thing. Sigh, I hate that we had to learn this lesson. I do wish we could always have that feeling at work... Maybe we need to look into hiring another stripper.