Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shaking my money maker

Last Wednesday, Melissa and I started a belly dancing class. This class is just a once a week, month long thing. As we're learning, the title "belly dancing" is a misnomer. We work everything. Yes, from the 2 classes I've been to so far my abs are sore... but so are my arms and hips.

In our first class, there were quite a few folks who had taken belly dancing classes before, so they were wearing coin scarves (ya know, those chiffon wraps belly dancers wear around their waist?). Our teacher told us where we could go get them, so over the weekend Melissa and I rushed to get ours. Because, how could we not get one for ourselves? They're so pretty and they make a fun jingly noise! Also, we wanted to be like the cool kids.

This is my butt and my coin scarf.

This is Melissa's butt and coin scarf.
In the days leading up to tonight's class, I wore my scarf around the house. Mainly to annoy Jason (is there really any other purpose to life than to annoy the Hubster?). Oh, and I also wanted to see how the critters reacted to my noisy tush. I can't tell you what the guinea pig or the sugar gliders thought, but my dogs immediately came running to me to try and figure out why momma was making that noise ("Is it a toy??? Where's the toy??? What's the noise??? What's going on????"). My cat, just eyeballed me before passing back out. I had obviously woken him from his 30 hour a day nap.

Tonight was our first class with our coin scarves. And, yes, they did make the class that much more fun. Tonight's class was extra super duper awesome because the teacher made me stand in front of the class and lead everyone in a movement. We were drawing a figure 8 pattern on the floor with our feet (one at a time, because, well, we're not that talented) and the old ballerina in me came out. I was in my own world doing the exercise when the teacher pushed me to the front of the room and commanded that I continue doing what I was doing and told everyone else to watch my feet and follow along. Eeeee! My ego swelled quite a bit with that honor... hasn't deflated back to its normal size yet (I'll admit, I am a bit of an attention whore).

Tomorrow I've got a Crossfit training session and Jason is daring me to wear my scarf to that. Hmmm, very tempting. I DID wear it around work for a bit this afternoon (remember - attention whore). Sigh. I can't wait until next Wednesday for my next belly dancing class.


  1. I am desperate to take a belly dancing class and even more desperate to get such a kick ass coin scarf. LOVE IT!

  2. I'm sure you can find a belly dancing class somewhere close to you...? As for getting a kick ass coin scarf - do it do it do it! Even if you don't take a belly dancing class, refer back to my post - I wear it around the house to annoy the hubster. You can do the same to yours! Heehee. I was told by classmates that you could find them on Amazon or Ebay (if you don't have a store near you that sells them).

  3. My butt is famous, my butt is famous!! haha! I LOVED this blog! And I'm SO sad that today is our last class :( I'm going to keep wearing my coin scarf and ballet shoes anyway!

    And let me just say again how PROUD I was of you leading the class that day!! I KNEW you had a dance background, but I've never had the pleasure of actually seeing you in action. That was really cool, I felt like I was getting to see a side of Missy's talents that I'd never seen before.

    1. Your butt is definitely famous! I'm sad about our class ending too. Booo. We'll just have to sign up for more.

      And thanks for being proud of me! I'm glad you got a small taste of my old dance background. Hey, you got a bigger taste from that YMCA event thing where we did the 2 hours of Zumba and Sh'Bam. :)

    2. We definitely need to sign up for more! And any other type of class too! I'm all about those fun Forsyth Tech classes.

      And YES I got a huge taste of it at that ladies' night too! Sh'Bam was freaking awesome, it was like we were in a rap video. Lol