Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well that makes me feel good about myself

Back in December, Jason got his first tattoo. He takes Tae Kwon Do and is currently a 4th degree  black belt. So he got his belt tattooed around his leg.

He "shopped" around, going to different tattoo studios, talking to different artists until he found one that he thought could do justice to what he wanted. The artist, Luke, was at a shop called Liberty Tattoo. When I met Luke, I thought he was an ok guy, just a bit reserved. 

When Jason got this tat, he had a vision of more work he wanted to get done. So when Jason decided he was ready to proceed, he emailed Luke so they could start discussing the next piece. It turned out that Luke had moved to a different studio, Yellow Rose. This past Saturday, Jason went in to get the next bit done.

They are Chinese symbols listing the tenements of TKD (Jason can tell you what they say, but I forget). When we went to see Luke in the new shop, he was much friendlier and more talkative this go round. When Jason and I left the studio, he told me that Luke had said how unhappy he had been at Liberty and because of that unhappiness, he couldn't be himself. But, now he was in a much better place (physically and mentally) and therefore we got to see a more cheerful side of him. 

Being unhappy at my workplace, I asked Jason if he thought I was a different person than I use to be. For the most part, I feel that I'm usually pretty happy-go-lucky. Yeah, I have my dark moments when I dream of just walking out of my current workplace (but I won't do it because, damn it, I need that paycheck). Jason's response to my question? 

"Well, it's hard to keep a Missy down. I mean, there's so much you in you..." 

Those words made my Saturday and, days later, I'm still floating on that high. 


  1. It is a scary notion to have someone miserable put something permanent on your body.

    Fortunately, it looks awesome!

    1. Thankfully, my hubby is completely anal-retentive. He had the artist sketch it out on paper and worked with the artist on tweaking things numerous times before they ever put ink to skin. I'll pass on that you think it looks good. I was really impressed with the work too.

  2. I'm so glad I could make your day boo. I love you!!