Saturday, February 18, 2012

Check out what we found today.

Jason and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today. Our meandering through the store took us to the baby section. Usually when going through there I keep my head down for fear that baby cooties will get on me. I'm highly allergic to babies/children. Highly. And I don't carry an EpiPen.

Today, as Jason and I were navigating the random displays set up in the aisles, Jason spots a rack of CDs that caused a whole lotta confusion in our world. 

Rock-a-what the hell??? I actually wrote down all the bands'/singers'  CDs I found just because some (ok, all) of them shocked me. Here's the list: Guns n Roses, Metallic, Pearl Jam, Madonna, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Journey, Cold Play, Rolling Stones, Queen, and Aerosmith.  

When we got home, I found the website (yes, I had to look this crap up) and found that AC/DC also has a CD... And, yes, "Highway to Hell" is one of the lullabies. Also, "You Shook Me All Night Long"... because we all know that's appropriate to do to babies.

Other bands I found on the website: Black Sabbath, The Beach Boys, The Cure, Dave Matthews Band, Def Leppard, Depeche Mode, The Eagles, Elvis Presley, The Flaming Lips, Green Day, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, No Doubt, The Pixies, The Police, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, The Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Tool, Van Halen, Weezer. All had such kid-friendly songs (snort). 

What's even better about the website is that you can listen to snippets of the different songs found on each album. Here, go check it out yourself Jason and I spent a ton of time listening to the songs and scaring the shit out of ourselves (why do we sorta like this rendition???). Seriously. I can't make this stuff up. 


  1. You can make fun of me if you want but I have three of these. Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and Dave Matthews. It's kind of neat to hear lullaby versions of the songs we love. I am a dork I know. Ha ha.

    1. Oh, Ali, Ali, Ali... I guess I can't make fun of you too much. Jason and I did think some of the versions were neat sounding. The thing we were cracking up about was the song choices (Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard???). And we were shocked that some of these groups/singers had agreed to allow this to happen. Nine Inch Nails really signed onto this?? I didn't look at the Madonna CD, but I'm crossing my fingers that Like a Virgin is on there. :)