Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A post in which I whine. A lot.

The Universe is against me. I don't know which offensive action has pushed my luck over the edge (there are so many to choose from), but I am currently being bitch slapped by Karma.

This happy action fun time started last weekend when I came down with a sinus infection. Oh joy. Being one who hates to go to the doctor, I suffered through the days. But, knowing that a 3-day weekend was coming up, I decided to make an appointment so that I could (hopefully) get some good drugs to help me out. I did get some medicine and have been diligently taking it.

This weekend I did a lot of laying around on the couch. I even took naps on Saturday and Sunday. I rarely take naps. Rarely. But, my body/mind/soul was just that exhausted.

Yesterday, Jason and I had plans to attend a cookout at our friends' house around noon. I was slotted to bring cookies and these crescent roll things with a cream cheese mixture in the middle (it was a recipe I found that I thought sounded good and would be fun to make - correct on both of those, thankyouverymuch). I baked the cookies Saturday night and figured I'd make the other dish Monday morning.

Jason and I woke up Monday to find a puddle of water under our refrigerator and most of the stuff in the freezer defrosted. We assumed (hoped) that one of us just hadn't closed the freezer door all the way Sunday night. So, Jason mopped up the puddle, we turned down the thermostat to the freezer to make it colder faster to refreeze everything again. This was around 9:40am.

I made the crescent roll things (obviously, I have no idea what the hell these things are actually called), we both showered and got ready to head to the cookout. Before we left, we checked our freezer... It wasn't feeling one bit colder than it had felt at 9:40. What. The. Hell? Jason checked the fridge. Hmmm, that's also warmer than it should be.

At this point, we needed to leave for the cookout. We were all ready going to be a little late. So, in complete denial, we told ourselves that since I had been baking that morning and it was all ready a very warm day, our kitchen was just hot and therefore the fridge/freezer just needed more time to get cold. Yeah, that's it. That has to be it.

No. No it doesn't. Because the Universe hates me. And the Universe knows I'm poor.

 We came home a handful of hours later to find a very un-cold refrigerator. Oh shit. We do not have time to deal with this. We do not have the money for a new fridge.

Thankfully we still have Jason's college dorm fridge. We keep it in our basement/Jason's man cave. We were able to get most of our food from the fridge in that thing. And, our next door neighbor has a freezer in her garage where she keeps excess food. We were able to squeeze our frozen food in there. After we took care of the food, we hit the road, heading to check out a few appliance stores in the area... where we learned an important lesson:

You cannot walk into a store and walk out with a fridge. At least, not a fridge that you actually want. Most stores just do not stock fridges. We had contemplated buying a floor model, but that was an issue because most of those were stainless steel. While we love the look, our appliances are white and the silver color won't really match the rest of our decor.

On a good note - most of the stores we went to last night do have some kind of financing available. On a bad note - most everyone told us that it would be DAYS to actually get our fridge to us (one store said  it would be about 2 weeks. At which point I attacked the sales guy like a spider monkey. Or at least wanted to do that).

So, that's where Jason and I are right now - fridgeless. We ended up coming home defeated last night. But got online to look at our options again sans annoying sales guys. We've  found one we like at Home Depot AND they currently have a 24 month, no interest deal going. So, Jason is heading there today to get this ball rolling. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well for us.

Oh, and I still struggling with that crappy sinus infection.


  1. I still want to know if you pistolwhipped that Tae-Kwon-Do douchebag? Sorry about your fridge and everything, but I need some violence. I'm getting married in 11 days.

    1. Well, we (more so Jason) pistol whipped him with our actions. The fact that Jason has walked away from the school and let him know what he could do with the contract.

      Maybe we'll beat the shit out of the dead fridge and video tape it so that you'll get to witness some violence. Man - 11 days??? Are you hyperventilating yet?

  2. Refrigerators are ridiculous. They know we have to have one, therefore they can charge whatever the hell they want. We got lucky in that our landlord bought a huge fridge when he lived here and then when he built the island he couldn't get the fridge out. Hah! So if it goes on the fritz he'll have to take care of it cause he'll have to do construction! Mwahaha. But wishing you every luck. Getting one with a builtin tv?

  3. Oh man that sucks. I don't know what I would do without cold beer available at a moment's notice.

    I feel your pain re: being sick, though. I came down with something on Sunday, and had to tell my sister not to come to see my apartment with my niece, since I didn't want to risk getting her sick. I was definitely bummed about that, and just moped around on the couch all day.